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Buy Sell and Trade your stuff here! It doesn't matter if it's bracelets, necklaces, ipods- cameras, clothes, whatever you got- bring it here! Posts will not be deleted because it doesn't fit a certain criteria of jewelry! Of course we love kandee but it doesn't matter if you have something else to share!

Guidelines for fun and happy trading/selling/posting!

*Pictures and posts are encouraged but please use the lj-cut for large pictures.

*links are welcome! if it's for stuff on ebay, laundromatic, gothauctions, picturetrail... whereever your basis of operations is- feel free to leave a link.

*respect your fellow members! No rude comments or posts about people! this is strictly business- no one says business can't be fun but disrespecting people isn't ever nice or fun so keep it sweet!

*follow through with your business! If you say you'll pay/trade then do it!

*do not ever post personal information! (ala address, phone number or anything like that!) If it's neccessary then please communicate through email or some such method of communication- not here!

*don't steal pictures! what people post is their own! there's no need to take a picture without permission!

*please try to keep profanity to a minimum- if you feel you must use it then go ahead but otherwise let's try to keep it PG

thanks guys- your cooperation is greatly appreciated!